Submitting an Application for Funding to the Neighborhood Organization in Granada Hills, California

If you meet the criteria for funding from the Neighborhood Council in Granada Hills, California, you can apply by completing the NPG application and submitting it. Investments in opportunity zones must be made through qualified opportunity funds in order to qualify for any benefits. Applications are reviewed quarterly, and eligible applicants must be located in California and include any subdivision of a local government. The California Transportation Foundation (CTF) Injured or Fallen Worker Fund (IF&ER) program was created to help employees in the California transportation industry and their families who need financial assistance due to a death, injury, or natural disaster.

This grant has funded educational mentoring programs for young people to teach students about workplace etiquette and the various careers available in the technology and entertainment industries, as well as individual mentoring opportunities at school or in the workplace. The Economic Development Administration (EDA) seeks to invest in programs and organizations that have a clear understanding of local conditions and pathways to create and connect people to good jobs. Mitchell can provide discretionary funding to a limited number of selected organizations in the Second District of Los Angeles County. This initiative will continue to address this problem, focusing on industry as an organizing principle and creating partnerships that develop the skills that employers need in a way that ensures greater economic opportunities for low-income workers. Your funding request must meet the social needs of the population of Los Angeles County, including, but not limited to, the areas of health, public safety, rehabilitation, welfare, education and legal services, and assist in the needs of people with physical, mental and financial disabilities and older people.

A qualifying opportunity fund is any investment vehicle that files a federal corporate or partnership income tax return and is organized for the specific purpose of investing in Opportunity Zone Assets. State and local conflict of interest laws that currently apply to the Neighborhood Council Funding Program also apply when considering grant applications for neighborhood purposes. The neighborhood grant (NPG) process provides neighborhood councils with more opportunities to benefit their communities while supporting and building partnerships with local organizations. You can use the location-based community data tool to first identify census sections in your area that qualify for Opportunity Funds to invest in them. If the Qualified Opportunity Fund holds at least 90% of its assets in Opportunity Zone properties, it can invest in as many Qualified Opportunity Zones as it wants. The Choice Neighborhoods program harnesses significant public and private funding to support locally-driven strategies that address struggling neighborhoods with public or HUD-assisted housing through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation. The Neighborhood Council will evaluate all grant applications at a public meeting under the Brown Act and decide whether to approve the proposed grant.

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