What is the Budget for the Granada Hills Neighborhood Organization in California?

The Granada Hills Neighborhood Council (GHSNC) is a local organization certified by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners in Los Angeles, California. It is part of a municipal system of independent and influential neighborhood councils that was established by the Municipal Charter approved by voters in 1999. The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) is responsible for organizing and guiding the process of creating neighborhood councils, and currently there are more than 90 such councils in the city. The primary purpose of GHSNC is to promote public participation in government and make it more responsive to local needs. This is achieved by having members who live, work, own property, or have some other connection to the neighborhood.

The board members are elected or selected for office by the neighborhoods themselves. The GHSNC has an annual budget that is approved by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. All budget reports are shown; otherwise, a budget report was not prepared. The mayor must inform certified neighborhood councils of the submission deadline so that contributions can be considered in a timely manner.

The Plan also sets minimum standards to ensure that neighborhood councils represent all community stakeholders, hold fair and open meetings, and are financially accountable. The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) and the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners reviewed years of extensive studies on neighborhood councils and received months of public comment before presenting a plan proposal to the mayor and city council in December 2000. This plan establishes a flexible framework through which people in neighborhoods can be empowered to create neighborhood councils that meet their needs.

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