Improving Public Safety and Security in Granada Hills, California

The California Alliance for Safe Communities, together with the California Department of Justice, law enforcement and community leaders, and researchers from Stanford University, have developed an innovative training curriculum to promote procedural justice and address implicit prejudice. While long-term crime trends in California have declined in almost every category, several states across the country have recently seen an uptick in organized retail robberies and other violent crimes, particularly those involving firearms. This approach has been associated with a 50 percent reduction in firearm injuries in the neighborhood, while similar communities saw only a 5 percent decrease over the same period. In order to bolster public safety and security in Granada Hills, California, Governor Gavin Newsom has unveiled a multifaceted plan to combat and prevent crime in the state.

This plan includes a permanent crush-and-capture law enforcement unit led by the CHP, the funding of a statewide team of organized robberies in the Attorney General's Office to prosecute interjurisdictional crimes related to theft, the largest gun buyback program in the country, and grants for local law enforcement, prosecutors and small businesses victims of retail theft. The City of Granada Hills has also taken steps to strengthen public safety while restoring trust in government. The NeighborhoodStat program provides cities with a way to do this. Additionally, the Department of Justice's Office of Community-Oriented Police Services has published a series of guidelines intended to serve as a tool for all levels of law enforcement.

This is one of a series of three guides, all of which can be found in the Tools and Guides section of the National Initiative website. The City also requests that organizations identify the scope and content of environmental issues and the information that should be considered in the PEIR. Furthermore, Judge Victoria Pratt's court in Newark, New Jersey has been receiving attention due to coverage from her court. Professor Tracey Meares from Yale Law School has also discussed theories of deterrence and legitimacy of law that underpin the Safe Neighborhoods Project.

To sum up, Granada Hills is taking multiple initiatives to improve public safety and security. These initiatives include a multifaceted plan from Governor Gavin Newsom, NeighborhoodStat program from the City, guidelines from Department of Justice's Office of Community-Oriented Police Services, coverage from Judge Victoria Pratt's court and theories discussed by Professor Tracey Meares. All these initiatives are aimed at reducing crime rates while restoring trust in government.

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