Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council: Events to Keep You Informed

The Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHSNC) is a community organization in Granada Hills, California that provides a range of events to keep the community informed. From National Night Out to planning and land use meetings, GHSNC offers a variety of activities to help residents stay up-to-date on local issues. National Night Out is one of the most popular events hosted by GHSNC. This event was introduced in August 1984 and is celebrated across the country by law enforcement agencies, neighborhood watch groups, civic groups, state and regional crime prevention associations, and volunteers.

In addition to National Night Out, GHSNC also hosts planning and land use meetings. These meetings are open to all members of the community and provide an opportunity for residents to voice their opinions and concerns about local development projects. GHSNC also offers educational seminars and workshops. These seminars and workshops are designed to educate members of the community on topics such as public safety, environmental protection, and civic engagement.

By attending these events, members of the community can stay informed about local issues and become more involved in their neighborhood. GHSNC is committed to providing its members with a variety of events throughout the year.

Cleveland Spadafore
Cleveland Spadafore

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